CBP Announces Two Test Programs for Various Border Ports

Border Peace BridgeIn the next few weeks, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will kick off two pilot programs at various border ports designed to better facilitate crossings for commercial trucks, primarily between Canada and the U.S. In each case, the pilots, if successful, will be expanded to all land border ports.

New Electronic Manifest for In-Transit Canadian Truck Cargo

The first is a pilot test commencing as early as May 27 for a new electronic manifest in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Truck Manifest System for truck shipments of commercial goods transiting from point to point in Canada through the United States. The pilot will run for six months at the ports of Port Huron, Mich.; Pembina, N.D.; and Blaine, Wash.

Currently, participation is limited to nine Canadian truck carriers, each of which is a bonded carrier and a certified member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. As part of the program, participating truck carriers transporting such in-transit goods will be required to submit an e-manifest in the ACE Truck Manifest System no later than 30 minutes prior to arrival at the border. The in-transit manifest will be processed and retained in ACE until the shipment arrives in the U.S., when CBP will generate a “transit movement authorized” message that will be sent to the carrier. The shipment will then be able to transit the U.S. and proceed to the U.S. port of export as an in-transit entry, and once the shipment arrives at the port of export, CBP will issue a message notifying the carrier that the shipment has entered Canada, and that the in-transit entry is closed.

Commercial Truck Single-Crossing User Fee Automation and Prepayment Pilot

The second initiative is a pilot test program at the Buffalo, Detroit and El Paso ports of entry that will offer a new electronic payment option for single-crossing user fees for commercial trucks. The test will begin on June 2 and run for about one year. Any owner, agent or person in charge of a commercial truck may participate and no application is required.

Currently, the single-crossing user fee must be paid by cash or credit card each time a truck arrives at a U.S. port of entry. This pilot will enable the owner, agent or person in charge of a commercial truck to prepay the single-crossing user fee online prior to the truck’s arrival at a port of entry. This has been a major advocacy piece for the international trade community, and we believe that this change, by alleviating CBP officers of the responsibility of collecting user fees, will reduce wait times, improve primary processing, and save costs to truck carriers.


If you have questions about these new CBP pilot programs – or any other new CBP regulations that are proposed or implemented – please feel free to contact us at (800) 503-7770 (Canada) or (716) 995-2900 (U.S.).

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