Introducing Biosan Disposal: The Newest Member of the Lincoln Family of Businesses

BUFFALO, NY (April 30) – Building upon 100 years of being in business in the City of Buffalo, the Lincoln Companies announces the newest addition to its family of companies, Biosan Disposal, LLC, a medical waste disposal and compliance service. Biosan becomes the 8th company under the Lincoln umbrella.

“Last year, Lincoln Companies celebrated a century of being in business in the City of Buffalo, but that’s no reason for us to rest on our laurels,” said Joseph Palisano, director of Lincoln Securities and president of Biosan Disposal. “Our newest company, Biosan Disposal, is built squarely on Lincoln’s 100-year tradition of exceptional service, meticulous attention to detail and customer satisfaction.”

Biosan is a locally-owned and operated company serving the Western New York region for medical waste disposal. Meeting the needs of physicians’ offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, ambulatory surgical centers and many other types of organizations that must dispose of medical waste, Biosan is fully licensed, permitted and insured, and compliant with OSHA, federal, state, county and city regulated waste requirements.

“Already being in the trade and logistics, storage and archive businesses, we’ve had medical waste disposal in our sights for some time, as our in-house expertise could easily be applied to serving that need regionally,” said Palisano. “Safe handling of medical sharps, needles and lancets is an important safety consideration for our clients’ employees and for the community. It was clear to us that a local, hands-on, customer service-oriented option for local businesses would be a worthwhile resource for our region.”

In addition, Biosan offers on-site and online training programs to meet various certifications – OSHA, HIPAA, HazCom and others – required of employees working in facilities that dispose of medical waste. Fines to employers for non-compliance can reach $7,000 per infraction.

“Training and education are key components of Biosan’s approach, as medical waste disposal is highly-regulated and serious business,” Palisano said. “Because of that, we use no third-parties for pick-up, transportation or disposal – we maintain complete control over the process to ensure a safe, responsible and reliable service.”

More information on Biosan Disposal can be found at or 716.817.8858.

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