Momentum Public Affairs

As a small, hands-on firm, we’re able to maintain strong, personal relationships with our clients that goes beyond the contracted deliverables.

Here’s what you can expect as a Momentum client:

Personalized Services Geared toward Results

We’re not satisfied with “getting you in the paper”… It’s about results – success, growth, and impact – and we’re built to go after them for you.


It is getting harder and harder to tell an effective story. We look at all avenues to tell your story to the right audience.

A Champion

We are fans of our clients! Which means that we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to prop them up – speaking roles, referrals and, of course, new business opportunities.

Our Network is Your Network

Through our leadership roles with various organizations in the international trade, logistics and transportation, small business, government, economic development and other areas, we brings a wealth of relationships both across the U.S. and Canada that are available to our clients.

Multiple Uses for Created Content

We understand you don’t have time to be creating content to tell your story – (that’s why you need us!)… So, we’ll take every piece of content you give us, squeeze every last use out of it we can.

What do you want most from a PR firm? It’s right in our name – Momentum.